Woodlines Tag Along Trip

Welcome to the tag along trip page. 

Trip Dates 2nd July to 10 July 2016.

Departure Date and Time

I haven't made my mind up about the departure time just yet. There are some work and safety considerations at the moment.

Departure time is Saturday morning sometime.

Return Journey

The return will be the last Sunday with an arrival in Perth hopefully by lunchtime.

Aim of the Trip

Rest and relaxation. However, during the last visit to the woodlines, Paul and I found a lost camp on the very last evening, and had no time to explore further.

We hope to set up near this point and explore this lost section of track.

If time permits the return journey may include the Holland Track.

The Woodlines:

So what are the Woodlines?

I first read about these lines about 30 years ago, though never travelled one until about 7 years ago. Pretty much these lines were light guage rail lines that travelled into the bush to cut trees for the furnace and mines at Kalgoorlie. These tracks extend west, east, south and north of Kalgoorlie. There were a staggering amount of tracks laid. More staggering is the volume of wood cut, there were millions of tonnes taken from the bush. In some places the regrowth is spectacular shows that in some cases the bush does reclaim its ground.

We will visit the Woodlines north east of Norseman. There are a few tracks to follow. There will be a lot of old campsites they wood cutters used that we will see. Some were the so called main camps, others the smaller camps used by small teams of cutters. One family brought up 10 kids in the bush. There are remnants of old carriages and huts along the way. There are thousands of old cans and bottles. We will see the old drays they used to cart the wood to the line. We will see the horse feed troughs lying derelict. We might see a small part of the only track left that I had found.


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