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WA4WD (Western Australian 4 Wheel Drive) is a private web site dedicated to 4WD tracks and activities in WA. The aim is to share some of our experiences and views.

Over 15 years ago I started to provide a 4WD web site that provided information about Norseman. I love the area around Norseman, not only for the history, but also the terrific scenery around there. 

A period of time was also spent in the Pilbara and this has widened the topics discussed. And now from Perth we continue the mission.

The biggest gripe I have is with the people who have a sense of "entitlement". They believe it gives them special privileges. No one has any special rights to do things that are just wrong. This attitude kills people on the roads, it causes fights and it gives argument to locking up Australia.

It is hoped that 4WDrivers will be responsible and respect the bush and allow us to practice what we enjoy well into the future. We are all responsible for our actions and it is up to everyone to play the game properly. People judge all of us on your actions. Make sure something you do is not the catalyst for more restrictions. Be responsible, so we can continue to enjoy this great past time. 

I have seen some disgusting things left in the bush, and I know it is from people using 4WD vehicles, because it is simply impossible to get to those places without one. Also, there are some idiots (this is the bottom of the pit when comparing people with a stupid gene) who use their 4WDs and simply "cut up" in the bush, giving all of us a bad name....stop it and bloody well grow up, before they ban roo bars, spot lights,winches and shut all the tracks! The epitomy of stupidity  is the dickheads who did donuts at Wittenoom Gorge in the asbestos tailings.

includes pages and information on Frank Hann, Lonely Graves in the bush, maps and treks we have done.


Over the last few years a few people have provided information to me. Where I have been able to use this I have included a reference to the source. Sometimes due to forgetfulness I don't actually include something for a while, my apologies.

A dedication to my Parents, Neville and Hilary.

As you grow up you never truly appreciate your parents, perhaps you never really do. When they eventually go to the big beyond, the rock that was your family shifts, and the mantle passes to the next generation. 

That time has come for us with Mum dying in 2012 and Dad shutting shop for the last time in 2014.

This web page owes its existence to them. 

When we were little kids, Dad used to travel to Meekatharra to see Uncle Ross on Trilbar. I suppose as kids you always want to do what your parents do. Eventually, we had the opportunity when I was 10 (1969). Dad hired a caravan and we packed everything into that and away we went. In those days, it was a single lane highway from Wubin and passing another vehicle was uncommon. One time we even had a train toot to us while we were camped on the side of the road up near Meeka, he must have been bored or just plain surprised.

In some ways we were probably at the forefront of caravanning.

That trip was so exciting, I have never forgotten it. Nor has anyone of us forgotten getting lost on the way to Big Bell and to find it at 10pm with the old hotel being illuminated by the yellow glow of the headlights. It scared the shit out of my sister (and she still remembers that). I remember waking up in the morning in a warm caravan and the temperature outside being bitterly cold.

That trip hooked me and I have loved visiting the bush ever since.

It was Dad that took us, and for the most mechanically unable person alive, that was a courageous act. I found out much later Mum hated those trips, camping wasn't for her, but she put up with it for us. I don't think she was a great cook, but the best meals I have ever eaten were made by her in that caravan, and it was simple stuff, just braised steak and onions with mashed potato (from a packet). And dessert was plums with reduced cream that was shaken to thicken it. I have never been able to replicate the taste of that meal.

I enjoy planning and preparing for trips and then undertaking the adventure part so much, and I owe it all to them.

Thanks Mum and Dad, I miss you.

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