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The Wurarga Cemetery is located near the railway dam on the old Mullewa to Meekatharra section of the railway line. In 1932 there were works carried out on the railway dam. Three coffins were uncovered, one with a plate with Wiseman's name on it. The other two are believed to have been Moore and Holt. The bodies were reburied close by. However, there were only three coffins found. It is entirely possibly given the others were buried nearly 35 years beforehand that they were not found, especially as one was a baby. The description of the burial place of one unfound grave is exactly the same as one of the found coffins.

There was also a report of another body being found 6 miles west of Wurarga, apparently the victim of foul play. This was reported 13/8/1897 but no mention is made of any burial location.

Name Date of Death Other Information
Byrne , Nora 8/3/1897 A baby who died aged one day. Reported to be buried at the railway ballast pit, Wurarga
Holt, Edward 2/2/1911 A labourer who died from natural causes at the Wurarga Hotel. He was buried near the railway dam. He was 63 years old. See other comment above.
Moore, Hugh 9/12/1907 Reported buried 1 mile west of Wurarga. A labourer who died at Wurarga from pneumonia. See other comment.
Smith, George 15/11/1898 Reported buried 1 mile west of Wurarga. A station hand who died from heart disease aged 64. See other comment.
Wiseman, John Campbell 6/7/1912 Died aged 60 years at the Wurarga Hotel apparently of pneumonia. He was the hotel yardman. Reported as being buried near the railway dam.


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