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An old mines map shows two cemeteries at Lennonville. One is west of the Great Northern Highway (Warramboo) and  has a fence around it with one headstone. The other cemetery is shown east of the road. I have walked to this area, but there are no visible markings whatsoever. There are apparently 13 graves on this site.


Name Date of Death Other Information
Batty, Jean 18/6/1908 Aged 42
Bettini, Giacomo 23/1/1901 He became lost in the bush and died of thirst.
Campbell, Alexander 26/4/1910 Aged 4. Died of diptheria.
Hartrick, Mabel 28/9/1907 Aged 33.
McGee, Kathleen Agnes 5/2/1908 Aged 3 weeks.

This is the list of names in the unmarked cemetery on the eastern side of the Great Northern Highway. As I was compiling this list I was struck by the tragedy of how many children were buried there, in fact most of those were just babies and the deaths occured over a relatively small period of time.  With the exception of the two miners, this is a cemetery of babies. The Campbell's lost three children at Lennonville between 1905 and 1910.

Name Date of Death Other Information
Allen, George 31/8/1903 5 days old.
Allen, Robert 8/2/1902 12 hours old (brother of above)
Buckingham, John 7/1/1900 11 months old.
Campbell, Donald Robert 3/3/1906 6 weeks old
Campbell, William James 25/10/1905 6 years old. (Brother of above and also brother of  child buried at Warramboo)
Carrara. Limgi 18/3/1903 26 years. He was a miner killed when he fell down the mine.
Daft, Thomas 24/6/1901 2 years 1 month old.
Davies, Caroline 6/4/1901 5 months.
Hunt, George William 1/11/1904 5 months.
Morrissey, Joseph John 16/5/1900 8 months.
Morton, John 15/5/1905 15 hours.
Starling, Thomas Michael 15/6/1903 4 months.
Tellini, Grovanni 31/1/1902 39 years old. A miner.

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