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Whim Creek Cemetery is located across the North West Coastal Highway from the Whim Creek Hotel. It is on the track to Balla Balla.

Buried here is the person murdered at Whim Creek. The sad sequel to this is the lonely graves at Balla Balla, who were witnesses to the murder who drowned off Balla Balla in a cyclone.

Name Date of Death Other Information
Barnadeo, J 8/8/1913 Aged 35, died at Negri Well. A miner. Drowned
Darlington, T 23/12/1911 Aged 33, Stabbed in the neck. Murdered by Joseph Saleno
Davy, C 21/2/1920 Aged 56, husband of Emma
Donohue, W November 1894 Aged 24. A miner. Died from dehydration
Eyre, GH 18/2/1914 Aged 47. Died from mitral disease and syncope. He was a miner.
Fahey, T 1/8/1910 Aged 45. A miner who died from pneumonia at the police station at Whim Creek
Farrera, JE 13/4/1923 Aged 42. Died at the police station from nephritis and heart failure. He was a cook.
Grey, HB 12/9/1917 Aged 38. He was a miner.
Gilmore, H 15/8/1913 59. A cook who died of mitral incompetence and syncope.
Gordon, NH 27/7/1907 Born 16/8/1879. Accidentally killed.
Hartmann, J 7/5/1910 24 years old. Drown. He was a mine labourer.
Just, F 22/3/1911 45 years old. Fell from a horse between Roebourne and Whim Creek. He was a butcher.
Kimmerman, h 14/9/1917 45 years old. He was a labourer and died of dengue fever.
Leigh, JA 18/10/1913 35 years old. A miner who shot himself in the head. at Sherlock River.
McIntyre, J 1/10/1912 60y. He was a station hand who died of heart failure at the residence of  G Adlams.
Petersen, P 26/1/1910 20y. He was a carpenter and died at the town slaughter yard.
Piper, C. C. 1/3/1901 Cecil.C. Piper, born 1888, Broken Hill, N.S.W. youngest son of Richard Piper & Lavinia nee Davidson.
Drowned in Balla Balla Pool, aged 19 years.
Capt. Richard Piper was the former underground manager of the Whim Creek Copper Mines Ltd, Whim Creek, his contract expired, left the Creek for Balla Balla to go south.
Cecil employed on ore classing tables, decided to accompany his father on the Saturday afternoon. After seeing him off Sunday morning, Cecil and 3 mates decided on a swim. He dived into a very deep part of the pool and did not resurface the second time. Funeral held Monday with the Whim Creek Mine suspending operations.   
Father Richard Piper was the inaugral Mayor of Broken Hill and well known in mining circles.
Pope, HJ 9/5/1912 36y. A carpenter who died accidentally.
Pope, T 14/12/1909 57y. A miner.
Smith, CES 7/1/1911 33y. Died at Campbell's house. A miner who died of inflammed bowels.
Toon, AH

Whim Creek

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