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At the cemetery is a monument saying there are only 13 known burials at the site. There appears to be around 22 formed graves, so there is a little discrepancy. Many of the headstones have no inscription on them either because none was fitted or the headstones have become worn. There may well be more burials that are not recorded or marked.

There is another cemetery on Rottnest and this contains the bodies of around 350 Aboriginals and the graves are not marked in anyway.

Name Date of Death Other Information
Ankerman, Luke19/12/1853Drowned
Back, ??  Unknown A female child. This death is not registered.
Cody, Mary 5/4/1851 Aged 7 months
Dempster, John George 1852 Born 1851. The body was disinterred and moved to "Buckland" when his parents left Rottnest.
Gurney, Thomas 17/9/1897 Aged 40 Years. He was a clerk and died of "Curvature of the Spine" and bronchitits.
Gurney, Queenie3/11/1893Aged 6 years and 4 months.
Hall, HenryAged 26 days.
Luke, Henry19/12/1892Aged 30 years. He was a servant.
O'Donoghue, John James7/12/1891Aged 4 months. He died of whooping cough.
O'Donohue, Patrick William13/1/1899Aged 2 months and 7 days. Note: The parents of this child and the above are the same. There maybe a mispelling on records with the surname.
Phillips, HenryDrowned. The Phillips Rocks at Rottnest were named after him.
Rickey, Elsie Amelia27/10/1898Aged 5 months.
Shea, Emilly1869Aged 9 years.
Storrs, Florence Mary10/5/1898Aged 101/2 weeks. Died of "atrophy" (which is described as the wasting of the body, sometimes from malnutrition).

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