Pinyalling Cemetery

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The graves at Pinyalling are a bit hard to find and care needs to be taken. An old fence line can be seen just at the Pinyalling area. Walk about 450m south along the fence from the road, then turn west and walk another 300m or thereabouts. An old stone building at the "Baron" can be seen on a slope to the southwest. The graves are on a small cleared rise and are fenced. There appears to be only two graves in the area.

Name Date of Death Other Information
McKeown, Ronald Alfred 6/8/1898 Aged 6 months. He died of "teething" and very hot weather, Near the Baron Mine. (no grave marked)
Oliver, Edward Henry 16/9/1898 Aged 45. Died of pneumonia.
Pinnock, Robert 5/2/1897 Aged about 25. Died of typhoid in a temporary hospita; at Pinyalling.
Taylor, Robert 6/3/1896 Aged about 50. He was a miner who died from thirst.


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