Mulwarrie Cemetery

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Name Date of Death Other Information
Church, John 3/12/1902 Aged 1 day. A premature baby.
Pym, William J 14/5/1903 Aged 5 weeks. Died from Cholic.
Fitzpatrick, Evelyn M 1/10/1903 Stillborn
Fuhrmann, Alice M 5/12/1903 Aged 34. Died in childbirth.
Hewitt, Thomas Hilton 5/6/1904 Aged 39. Died from Asthma.
Sheils, James E 30/11/1904 Aged 21. Died from Typhoid.
Kearns, Eileen F 21/5/1905 Aged 6 weeks. Died from Enteritis.

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