Mt Phillips Station Graves

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The photos for these were provided by Kristie and her family who live on Mt Phillips Station. They have been kind enough to share these photos to help recognise the people who have worked in the vast WA outback.

Once again there are unanswered questions. FWE Oakley's grave is in a different location to where Kitty is buried, howoever, there is another grave next to hers, which is not recorded

Name Date of Death Other Information
Kitty 18/1/1958 Also known as Gilba. She was about 75years and is bureid on house creek about 500m from the homestead.
Oakley, Frederick William Edmund 1/9/1919 He was aged about 45 years and was the station manager who died from heart failure. He is buried about 3 miles from the homestead.
Unknown . .

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