Mt Jackson Cemetery

I received information on two graves from Alex Morrison, who sent me the photos. I was unable to find a record for Beatrice Lindley and discovered that there are two references for the Mt Jackson area. Only one grave is shown in the "Mt Jackson Cemetery" the others are recorded simply as Mt Jackson, I don't know whether there are two burial sites or one.

I have recorded all the names but shown the cemetery as separate.

There are some other graves around, but are a very long way from Mt Jackson.

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Mt Jackson
Name Date of Death Other Information
Beadles, Easton
Buried near Pump Well on the road to Mt Jackson
Caleo, Grace
She was 24 years old and died from typhoid.
Dudgeon, John Robert
Aged 2 hours, he was born prematurely.
Johnson/Johnston, Billy
Buried 4 miles north of Pigeon Rocks. His grave is marked by a pile of rocks. He was a prospector and died of thirst walking from the Mt Jackson field.

Mt Jackson Cemetery
Byrth, Michael Edward
Died at Yarbu and buried at Mt Jackson Cemetery. He was a sandalwood cutter. His mate rode 100 miles in 20 hours to report the death to police.
Lindley, Beatrice Irene 11/2/1904 Aged 3

Mt Jackson Cemetery

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