Lake Austin Cemetery

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There are two cemeteries at Lake Austin. The most obvious one is near the old townsite on the island just across the railway.

The second one is called the mainland and is immediately north of the island.

The "Island" Cemetery

Name Date of Death Other Information
Bourke, Peter 19/9/1894 A miner.  Died of pneumonia
Carnevala, Piatro 24/9/1902 28y. He was a miner who died from inhaling the fumes of gelignite.
Cleary, Edward 4/6/1909 40y. A miner.
Cronin, Jeremiah 25/7/1895 70y. A miner who died from cardiac syncope and asthma.
Hicks, John 11/11/1898 46y. He died in a fall of dirt at his claim.
Hutton Philip Pavey 11/1/1897 25y. A miner.
Johnson, Sven (Hyartousen) 12/2/1896 61y. Died from suspected asthma.
Kay, Robert James 18/4/1904 7months.
Lorenyo, Rinaldi 30/1/18995 30y. A woodcutter who was kicked to death by a horse.
McKay, John 8/10/1896 50y. A miner.
Moate, William Thomas 30/11/1901 37y. Suffocated in a fall of earth
Philbin, Patrick 19/7/1895 51y. A publican who died from a cerebral haemorrhage.
Pinkney, Alfred Henry 18/1/1894 38y. Died at Webb's Patch from thirst.
Walsh, John 9/5/1908 63y. A labourer.

The "Mainland" Cemetery

Name Date of Death Other Information
Kennedy, Patrick
9/5/1895 He was 27 years old. He was a storekeeper and died from typhoid.
Regan, Eugene Francis
He was a 67 year old prospector who died at the camp at Mainland.

Lake Austin Cemetery

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