Israelite Bay Cemeteries

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There is some confusion over the two cemeteries at Isaelite Bay. Smith is list a being bureid between Francis and Healy but being recorded as being bureid south of Glencoe Cottage which is the eastern cemetery.
It may well be possible there are other graves in the cemeteries that are not listed.

Name Date of Death Other Information
Western Cemetery
Healy, John 2/11/1890 A monument was erected by his fellow workers, but has been moved to the Esperance museum.
Francis, John 1820 Aged 85
Smith, John 18/12/1922 Buried between Healy and Francis. The space is not fenced or marked in any way. He was a miner and was injured in a rock fall at Cape Paisley Mica Mine. He was sent to Israelite Bay to meet the ss Eucla but died before the ship arrived.
Leecount. John Charles 18/12/1922 Aged 52. He was miner and died from the flu.
Eastern Cemetery
Brass, Thomas 31/1/1916 Aged 42. Born 29/11/1873. He was a postmaster and died of heart failure.
Cook, John 14/10/1912 Aged 64. He was the second linesman at Israelite Bay. He died of heart failure and was born at Glenavon Toodyay


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